Download E-books Exile (The Legend of Drizzt) PDF

By R.A. Salvatore

As I turned a creature of the empty tunnels, survival turned more straightforward and more challenging by surprise. I won within the actual abilities and adventure essential to live to tell the tale. i may defeat virtually whatever that wandered into my selected area. It didn't take me lengthy, in spite of the fact that, to find one nemesis that i may neither defeat nor flee. It me anyplace I went–indeed, the farther I ran, the extra it closed in round me. My enemy was once solitude, the interminable, incessant silence of hushed corridors.

–Drizzt Do’Urden

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Download E-books Ascendance (The Second DemonWars Saga, Book 1) PDF

By R.A. Salvatore

A lot to the seething dismay of his very long time mistress, King Danube has requested Jilseponie Wyndon to turn into his queen. yet she is torn. How can she love any guy as thoroughly as she did the Ranger Elbryan, the daddy of the kid she misplaced? yet unknown to Jilseponie, that kid by no means died. Aydrian was once stolen away through the queen of the elves. A headstrong boy secretly raised to be a weapon, Aydrian exhibits nice promise within the arts of combat–and he's as robust with the gemstone magic as his mom. Now De’Unnero, the weretiger and mortal enemy of Jilseponie, will sign up for forces with Aydrian, who's hungry for power–and on a collision direction with future. . . .

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Download E-books Servant of the Shard (Forgotten Realms: The Sellswords, Book 1) PDF

By R.A. Salvatore

With each one kill, I develop wiser, and with further knowledge, I develop stronger.

Powerful murderer Artemis Entreri tightens his grip at the streets of Calimport, pushed by means of the facility of his hidden drow supporters. yet his sponsor Jarlaxle grows ever extra formidable, and Entreri struggles to stay wary and up to the mark. quickly, the ability of the malevolent Crystal Shard grows more than them either, threatening to attract them right into a titanic internet of treachery from which there'll be no break out.

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Download E-books To Sleep with Evil (Ravenloft, Book 16) PDF

By Andria Cardarelle

This is often the 16th (#16) in an variety of tie-in novels of Ravenloft Gothic horror stories facing the masters and monsters set within the Demiplane of Dread.
Desperate to flee the terrors of Ravenloft, Marguerite got here to Lord Donskoy's fortress choked with wish for the long run. as an alternative, she came across herself betrothed to a mysterious purveyor of flesh whose mystery previous, just like the lifeless, refused to stick buried. Now Donskoy's marriage has invoked a gloomy curse, and Marguarite right into a internet of worry and keenness

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Download E-books Death of the Dragon (The Cormyr Saga) PDF

By Ed Greenwood, Troy Denning

Azoun IV, within the twilight of his years, continues to be a shining hero to so much of his topics, and to all however the eldest, the single king they have ever identified. he is led them capably out of darkish doom before.

Yet Cormyr hasn't ever confronted such a lot of strong and mysterious foes instantly. Demonic ghazneths, old curses, bizarre bushes of foul magic, goblins and their family members at the upward thrust within the northern wilderlands, a blight upon the land, rebellious mutterings, death conflict wizards...and a dragon the likes of which no dwelling eyes on Faerun have ever seen.

The pink Throne does not appear so unassailable now. it could actually good shatter lower than the burden of a big dragon--or the secrets and techniques and follies of the final of the Obarskyrs.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Chronicles: The Great Beyond (A Guide To The Multiverse) PDF

By Todd Stewart

The best mystics and adventurers of the Pathfinder Chronicles glance to the worlds past the celebs, the nice past that varieties the ultimate resting position of mortal souls and the safe haven of the immortal gods. This accomplished advisor to the multiverse of the Pathfinder international finds new information about tremendous planes similar to Heaven, Hell, the Abyss, and Limbo, together with new monsters, planar goods, and extra-planar plots and schemes able to shaking the full of the good past.

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Download E-books Ironhelm: The Maztica Trilogy, Book 1 (Forgotten Realms ) PDF

By Douglas Niles

In a nook of the area a long way faraway from the identified Forgotten nation-states stands the unique continent of Maztica. There Erix the slave lady learns of an exceptional future laid upon her by way of the gods themselves. while, around the sea, a fateful venture of exploration embarks. The explorers, a legion of professional mercenaries, sail westward to find a land of primitive savagery combined with excessive tradition, of brutal, bloodthirsty gods and indulgent treasures. lower than the banner in their vigilant god, Helm, the legion claims those lands for his or her personal. merely as Erix sees her land invaded via those strangers, whilst her global itself begins to break down round her, is her startling future revealed...

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Download E-books Monster Manual 2 (Dungeons & Dragons: Core Rulebook, 4th Edition) PDF

By Rob Heinsoo, Stephen Schubert

1000s of outdated and new monsters on your 4th variation D&D game.

This center rulebook provides 1000's of monsters to your D&D crusade. vintage monsters similar to centaurs and frost giants make their first 4th variation visual appeal right here. additionally, this e-book contains ratings of recent monsters to problem characters of heroic, paragon, and epic degrees.

Personal assessment: at the beginning I wasn't yes if i used to be going to get this ebook, I picked it up on a whim, and after searching through it extra extensive i discovered many monsters i wished so as to add into my online game to spice issues up for the avid gamers. great to determine a number of the vintage monsters returning, akin to the Krenshar, Rust Beast and the Frost large. vital for random encounters and for developing your personal dungeons

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Download E-books Elminster Enraged: The Sage of Shadowdale, Book III (Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms) PDF

By Ed Greenwood

Commanded by means of the vestige of Mystra to interact, Manshoon and Elminster interact as a substitute in a ferocious conflict that sends the Sage plummeting into the Underdark as a cloud of ashes. Elminster quickly inhabits the physique of a fallen darkish elf, in order that he can commence engaging in Mystra's orders to rally Cormyr's Wizards of battle, search blueflame goods to fix massive rifts through the geographical regions which are liberating lethal monsters, and stop the traditional Primordials from emerging and unleashing their rage. yet his sworn archenemy, Manshoon, has plans in addition: to overcome Cormyr and be the hot Emperor, and search out the Sage's clones. The battles are fierce, the stakes have by no means been greater, and the destiny of Cormyr is at the line. in the meantime, battle Wizards are being mysteriously assassinated . . .

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Download E-books The Fanged Crown: The Wilds PDF

By Jenna Helland

Welcome to the Jungle!

Tethyrian colonists despatched to the jungle island of Chult have vanished and simply their celebrated chief has back. the tale he tells of ailment and monsters jewelry fake to his enemies--a former mutineer is distributed to find what fairly occurred to the misplaced Colony, and what the Hero of Tethyr is hiding.

the 1st booklet in a chain designed to show off the uncivilized parts that iconic to the Dungeons & Dragons(R) video game, The Fanged Crown is a simple means for strange readers to choose up the Forgotten Realms(R). With lots of motion, intrigue, and experience, this is a booklet that would entice new readers and widespread readers alike. The Fanged Crown and the remainder of the Wilds sequence could be learn in any order.

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